For Foreign Customers


E-mail and telephone inquiries are available only in Japanese. Please note that, in principle, responses to inquiries received via e-mail will be in Japanese.

Miraisougakusha sells metronome watches only through our online store.
We do not sell our products in stores.
Also please be informed shipping and warranty of products are limited to within Japan.
We are not duty free.
*The instruction manuals included with the product are available in Japanese and English.

■Customers who wish to pick up the package at the hotel in Japan where you will be staying:

Shipping address and contact information

・Please be sure to include your shipping address, hotel name (name of lodging) and hotel phone number.
・Please make sure that the name of the recipient is the name you used when you made your reservation at the hotel. The hotel may not be able to pick up your package unless it is addressed to the name of your hotel reservation.

・When ordering, please enter an e-mail address where we can contact you during your stay in Japan. In the unlikely event of a problem with your order or delivery, we will contact you by e-mail in Japanese.

Specify delivery date

Please specify the day you are staying at the hotel for the package delivery date.
*Please note that we may not be able to deliver on the requested date and time due to weather or road conditions.

*Delivery to remote islands and some other areas may not be possible on the specified date and time.

Payment Method

Please choose credit card as your payment method.
  Please note that most hotels do not accept cash on delivery.